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We have exciting news to share with you!

We have exciting news to share with you!  The Lord continues to grow our ministry and we are welcoming new members to our team.

We are excited to introduce you to our new ministry partners, Andrew & Katie Hemingway and family.

As we have shared with you previously, we believe the best way to reach¬†orphans in South Africa is through families. ¬†This is the driving force behind our plan for ministry growth–to provide families for children who otherwise wouldn’t have them through establishing a children’s village with South African foster families. To build and furnish each¬†foster home will cost approximately $100,000 (pending exchange rates and actual material costs) and the total project is estimated to cost just over $1 million. ¬†So far we have raised +/-¬†$100,000 for overall project costs. ¬†This project has already proven to be quite a challenge, but the Lord continues to provide for us in huge ways!

Andrew is joining Onthatile as the Director of Development and will be a crucial part of the long-term success of our ministry growth plans. ¬†Andrew’s role will focus on building connections and raising ministry awareness and support in the United States. ¬†We are very excited to have him partnering with us as it can be difficult for us to do these things from South Africa. ¬†Andrew and¬†Katie¬†have 4 children and live in Bristol, NH. ¬†Andrew’s business experience will be a great help in his work for Onthatile. He has held several Executive¬† roles and worked with companies like PayPal, Sweet Baby Ray’s and more. ¬†Andrew will be taking the lead on raising the support needed to launch the new building project, he will do this by meeting with individuals and churches throughout the US. He would be happy to speak to you or anyone that you believe could be a help in this regard.¬†¬†He is a great addition to our team and we are looking forward to how the Lord uses this to further the impact of our ministry here in South Africa and in the United States.

Will you join us in welcoming Andrew to the Onthatile team?  If you are interested in having him call you or speak at your church about how you can partner further with Onthatile, contact him here:  onthatile.andrew@gmail.com or (603) 203-4063.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family and Onthatile. ¬†Last month we sent out an update video¬†for you to watch. ¬†Please take a few minutes to watch it¬†if you haven’t already!¬†Keep us updated with how we can be¬†praying for you as well.

In Christ,

Onthatile Children’s Ministries