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Hello Friends!

It’s November, which means summer is here in South Africa–it still seems strange for us after so many years of winter in New Hampshire!  We are having a big group of friends over next week to celebrate Thanksgiving–a mix of Americans and South Africans.  It’s fun to continue old traditions and start new ones.

We appreciate your faithful prayers and wanted to update you on a few big items that you can be praying for.


Please join us in prayer for our plans to return to the US for furlough in the latter half of 2018. Our schedule is already filling up and we are excited to see many of you and share with you what the Lord is doing in our lives and ministry. We are hoping to bring our 4 little kiddos with us–but we’ve hit a few hiccups in the process! Please pray for the following:

  • In March Z & L’s adoption was signed off on here in South Africa–we’ve been waiting to tell you because there are a few more pieces to complete before it is final.  But now we are telling you before it’s final because we need you to pray!! The name change is the last piece we are waiting for on the South African side.  We thought things were going well with this, but a recent phone call has raised some doubt that this will happen quickly or possibly even at all.  Please pray with us that the request for the name change for Z & L will be granted–and quickly!  It’s a long story, but this is critical in order for us to return to the US on furlough with Z & L.
  • We are still waiting for K & K’s social workers to complete the forms which give us permission to take them out of the country.  It is crucial that this happens soon in order for us to get all the proper paperwork in order to bring them with us.  Will you please pray for this process to be completed timely and in our favor? 

Our littlest baby, T, has faced many physical challenges since her birth.  Many of you have been praying faithfully for her health and we appreciate that!  We have recently gotten a few more answers that have us on a path to get her the help she needs.  Will you please be praying for a family to step forward to adopt her?  Also pray for the physical and mental challenges that she will face with her diagnosis.  Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom as we care for her going forward and that we will give her the best care available in order to help her grow and develop.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!  We appreciate your prayers and encouragement more than we can express.  Please let us know how we can be praying for you as well.

With love,

Joel, Rachel, Grant, Brynn, Z, L, K, K, and the Onthatile Staff 🙂